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Christina Ramberg

Born 1962, Sweden


Main University Employments

2011 Professor of Private Law at Stockholm University

1998 Professor of Commercial Law, Gothenburg University, Sweden.

1997 Docent in Private Law, Gothenburg University

1994 Senior Lecturer in Private Law, Gothenburg University

1992 Doctor in Private Law, Stockholm University

1987 Lecturer in Private Law, Stockholm University

1986–1989 Lecturer in Private law, University of Karlstad

1984–1986 Junior judge at the District Court of Justice in Kristianstad

1984 Master of Law at the Stockholm University


Ongoing research

-       Contributor to a project on comparative contract law at Oxford University (Birke Haecker)

-       Editor of a book on precedents with contributors from ten countries (publisher Intersentia)

-       A new edition of Aktieägaravtal (Shareholders’ Agreement)


Other Employments and Assignments

Regularly appointed as arbitrator in Swedish and International arbitration (since 1996)

Regularly appointed as expert reporter on Swedish law in arbitrations, Swedish and foreign courts (since 1992)

2007–2009 Full time attorney at Vinge Law Firm

2006 Appointed as full time judge in the West Sweden Appeal Court (Hovrätten för Västra Sverige)

2002 Holder of the G.J. Wiarda Chair at the University of Utrecht

2001–2002 Professor of International Commercial Law at the Stockholm School of Economics

2000–2002 Guest Professor at Riga Graduate School of Law

2000–2001 Guest professor at Tulane University Summer School in Amsterdam,

2000 Guest Professor at ISUFI, Lecce, Italy

1999 Visiting Professor at Tulane University, New Orleans



2010 Accredited CEDR Mediator

2009 The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Institute's programme in international arbitration

2007–2010 The courses for the Swedish Bar Association examination (not the examination)

1992 Juris doktor (LL.M) in private law, Stockholm University

1984 Master of Laws, Stockholm University


Board Director Appointments etc. (present)

External chairman for the National Board for consumer complaints (since 2023)

Board member of Centrum för Rättvisa (Center of Justice) (since 2021)

UNIDROIT Law Review, Advisory Board member (since 2012)

Journal of European Private Law, member of the editorial board (since 2011)

Member of the Royal Society of Arts and Sciences in Göteborg (Kungl. Vetenskaps- och Vitterhets-Samhället) (since 2005)


Board Director Appointments (past)

Svensk Juristtidning (2013–2022)

Member of the ICSID Panel of Conciliators (2013–2019)

Member to the Advisory Council for the Court Academy (Rådet till Domstolsakademin) (2015)

Member of the Swedish Better Regulation Council (2009–2014)

FAR Akademi AB (board member 2005–2014)

The Swedish National Committee to the Nordiska Juristmötena (board member 2005–2014)

The Swedish Science Council – law (Vetenskapsrådet, member of an expert group, 2013, 2000–2003)

Member of the research board for The Swedish Consumer Bureau (governmental body) (2012–2014)

The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Mediation Institute (2009–2013)

SIGMA AB (Publ.) (board member 2001–2012)

Länsförsäkringar Fondförvaltning AB (board member 2011–2012)

Länsförsäkringar Liv AB (board member 2003–2011, deputy chairman 2004–2011)

CONNECT-Väst AB (board member 2002­–2011)

The Foundation for Commercial Law in Gothenburg (secretary general 1998–2010)

Member of the Coordinating Committee for a European Civil Code (1998 - 2009)

Göteborgs Högre Samskola, a private undergraduate school (board member 1999–2008)

The Swedish Bar Association’s Educational Committee (2001–2007)

Västsvenska industri- och handelskammarens skiljeråd (2005–2007), an arbitration institute

TradEasy (board member 2005–2006)

The Arbitration Association in Gothenburg (board member 1997–2004)

The Swedish Shareholder’s Association (Sveriges Aktiesparares Riksförbund) (board member 2000–2004)

The Swedish Society for Comparative Law (chairman 2002–2004)

The IT-Commission’s Legal Observatory (a governmental body) (1999–2003)

eCare AB (board member 2000–2002)

VINNOVA (a research council for IT-research) (2001)

West Sweden’s Think Tank on Electronic Commerce (1998–1999)


Various Expert Assignments

Expert to the Swedish government on the proposal for legislation about some issues regarding IT-law and Chapters 14–15 in the Penal Code (2005).

Expert Reporter to the European Commission DB Enterprise on B2B Unfair Trading Practices in e-markets (2004) and Internet Trading Platforms – opportunities and barriers for SME’s (2003)

Reporter to UNIDROIT regarding aspects of electronic commerce in relation to the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts (2002)

Reporter to the CISG (Convention on the International Sale of Goods) Advisory Board regarding e-commerce (2001–2003)

Expert to the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce in Paris) Project on Electronic Commerce (1998–2003)

Head of the Swedish delegation at the UNCITRAL Working Group on Electronic Commerce (1996–2001)

Expert in elaborating the ETSI standard for electronic signatures (2000)

Expert to the Swedish government legislation on electronic signatures (1997–1999) and in relation to the E-Commerce Directive (1999–2000) and regarding Procurement on-line (1999)

Expert to the Bermuda government legislation on electronic commerce (1999)

Expert to SEIS and its policy for electronic signatures (1998)

UNESCO Expert on Cyberspace law (1998)



Ongoing Stockholm University: Bachelor the introduction to the law programme and the course in contracts and obligations, Master programme in International Commercial Arbitration, Master course in International Contracting, Master course in Law & Literature

Doctorate supervisor for LLM doctors: Yan Wang, Svante O Johansson, Torbjörn Odlöw, Sebastian Siegl

Speaker at seminars at inter alia the Universities of Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen, The Business School of Copenhagen, Hamburg, HEC (Paris,) The London School of Economics, University of Freiburg, Edinburgh, Luzern, Aarhus, The International Chamber of Commerce, Paris, Passau, Amsterdam, Maastricht, Warwick, Oxford, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Columbia Law School (New York).


Prizes etc

- Best Teacher at the Gothenburg School of Economics and Law 2000

- Awarded “Lawyer of the Year” 2011, elected most admired lawyer in Sweden (Legally Yours)

- Awarded “Innovator of the Year” 2014, for developing new teaching products (by Norstedts Juridik, formerly the Swedish branch of Kluwer)

- The forth Ole Lando Memorial Lecture, Madrid 2022



- books (monographs)

15. Rättskällorna en introduktion i kritiskt tänkande, Norstedts juridik 2018

14. Prejudikat som rättskälla i förmögenhetsrätten, Kluwer 2017

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8. Erfarenheter – som kan vara till nytta för doktorander i juridik, Jure 2003

7. Avtalsrätten. En introduktion, 8 th edition, Norstedts Juridik 2022 (co-author with J Ramberg)

6. Allmän avtalsrätt, 12th edition, Norstedts Juridik 2022 (co-author with J Ramberg)

5. Internet Marketplaces – The Law of Auctions and Exchanges Online, Oxford University Press 2002

4. Elektronisk handel och avtalsrätt, Norstedts juridik 1998

3. Reklamation vid kontraktsbrott, Juristförlaget 1996

2. Upplysningsplikt vid ingående av avtal, Juristförlaget 1993

1. Kontraktsbrott vid köp av aktie — särskilt om fel, Ph.D. thesis, Juristförlaget 1992


- contributions in books

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